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Buy Grand Hindu Preroll


Buy Grand Hindu Preroll


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Buy Grand Hindu;They make some quality cannabis products over there at good ol’ Burnwell. Their Grand Hindu is delicioso, with a taste of grape and strong effects. It didn’t put me to bed, but it helped me zone out with friends as we reflected on a busy day.

A pre roll by Burnwell. Grand Hindu is a nicely potent (THC levels as high as 20%), relaxing and eventually sedating, yet at the onset, energetic and focused, approximately 90/10, Indica-Dominant, evening (though some do use it during the day), hybrid blend of cannabis luminaries Grandddaddy Purple (GDP) and Hindu Kush. Smelling and tasting of grape soda, earth and Kush, this is a truly happy strain.



10 Prerolls-$150, 15 prerolls-$225, 25 Prerolls-$375, 50 prerolls-$750, 100 prerolls-$1500


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